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November 19, 2020by Isaac Olawole JOSEPH1

Do you have an existing business? Or are you planning to start one? Whichever category you belong, it’s important you have an understanding of what online marketing entails. Over the years, marketing has transcended the traditional use of physical stores to the modern approach of using online stores.

online marketing

More so, the emergence of the pandemic, Covid-19, has taught every entrepreneur a lot of lessons on the huge importance of online marketing and why it should be seen as the new normal. Unarguably, those who were already operating it before Covid-19 should be seen as big winners; as they leveraged digital stores to push their businesses even amidst the lockdown.

Below are five things every entrepreneur must know about this type of marketing;

Ease of Convenience

ease of convenience

With online marketing, you get the freedom to market your products and services from the comfort of your home. Again, you can as well track your transactions online while customers get to make purchases even without knowing you in person.

Wider Range of Visibility

wide range of visibility

Using online marketing strategies help to position your business or brand to a wider range of audience. This is possible because you can actually leverage different social media and sales platforms to market your products and services and it could be more effective if you make use of advertising tools.

24/7 Marketing


You want a medium that allows you market your products and services while you sleep? Think online marketing! With automated sales platforms, you have access to 24/7 marketing of your products. Again, you do not have to worry about payments as customers can make payments for their transactions through digitalized payment platforms enabled on your sales platform.

Data Collection

online marketing

Every entrepreneur would actually be interested in getting contact details of their customers. This is advantageous as it becomes easier sending promotional materials based on customers’ preferences and buying habits. There are a lot of tracking tools that you can use to get these data if you are involved in online marketing.

Less Expensive

less expensive

This is definitely what most entrepreneurs want to hear. You are probably tired of printing promotional materials or spending much on transportation and physical stores – then, it’s time to leverage online marketing to boost your business. You can use funds spent on printing and your physical store on online marketing tools that will generate more leads for you and bring in more business.

While all of these benefits seem attractive, you might be worried about how you can actually leverage online marketing for your business. You probably also don’t know how to go about advertising or you have no knowledge of how you can brand your business?


You need not worry!

Ovacom Media would help you with the branding and marketing of your products and services. We will design and implement customized strategic campaigns in the areas of specialized brand building, entertainment and product launch, to create excitement among your clients/consumers.

You can contact us here.

Isaac Olawole JOSEPH

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  • Alice Carroll

    November 23, 2020 at 5:54 am

    You made a good point that data collection is crucial when it comes to online marketing because trends should be followed so that the business can adjust accordingly. My brother and I are thinking about starting our own air conditioner installation business in the future. Having an HVAC online marketing team on board would surely be a necessity.


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