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In recent years, videos have been making massive progress in digital marketing. It has emerged as a powerful promotional tool for businesses. Thus making brand and product promotion come easy; in an exciting and engaging way.

However, when it comes to video marketing, some important clear cut ‘rules’ apply. These rules must be sticked to, by businesses or have their video marketing campaign ineffective.

In simple term, you must decide – I am either making this work, or not doing it at all. Knowing fully well – marketing videos will do more harm than good if done wrongly.

Fortunately, if you are a business looking to start an effective video marketing strategy, you are in the right place. This article explores 7 tips for creating marketing videos.

7 Tips For Creating Exceptional Marketing Videos

1) Tell A Story with Your Video

Don’t fall into self centered temptation. Hence don’t try to be too salesy(more sales driven than value rendering). Instead, tell a story, course – that’s what an effective video does. Let your business utilize the emotive power of video through storytelling. This will appeal more to your customer’s needs and desires.

2) Make Sure Your Into Content Stands Out

Just the same way you are unlikely to click on an email if you’re not inspired by the heading (subject line); an incredible 1/5 of viewers click off a video within 10 seconds, if they are not interested in the first few contents presented to them.

Keeping this in mind, your video introduction is extremely important. It is what will keep your viewers glued. Your intro content should be inspiring, informative and entertaining. This way, your viewer is hooked to the video and they’re encouraged to view the whole content.

3) Create a Stimulating Title

Just as important as your introduction, your video’s title must be stimulating and catchy, in order to grab attention. Furthermore, make use of relevant keywords in your title. Doing this mean that your video is likely to show up on the search engines when viewers make a search for that topic.

4) Focus on the Mission and Less on the Product

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Instead of focusing too much on your product and all its benefits, channel the message of your video into the mission of the product.
This way, you will easily be termed as expert in creating emotional videos that focus less on your product and more on your mission.

5) Don’t Be Boring

Nobody likes anything boring. Talk more of a marketing video. It goes to say that, if you want your brand’s video marketing campaign to be successful, create super exciting and inspiring videos. Videos that have not even the slightest connection with being boring.

6) Don’t be Scared To Do A Little Bit Of Risk!

While too much naughty content will not do your business credibility any good, just the right amount can be good for page views — provided it is not overdone. Hence, don’t just stick to the norm. Be creative, and creativity comes with a peck of risk.

7) Make it Mobile Friendly

With more people employing mobile devices to get online, it becomes ideal for a marketing video to be mobile friendly.
You Tube records shows that, mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year. Videos aimed at marketing should therefore be downloadable and enjoyable on mobile devices.

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With 90% of customers reporting that product videos help them make decisions on purchases, it is imperative for companies to create videos. Exceptional videos that resonate with their audience and ultimately help sell their products and services.

Furthermore, videos can also be useful at every stage of the sales funnel to create an effective marketing campaign.

Lastly, creating an exceptional video for marketing goes beyond posting videos on YouTube to get traffic. Rather, it is a great way to communicate with customers, warm up your onboarding process or make you a great newsletter.

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