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While some think love is the universal language, others think it’s art. Still, some think it is music that is the universal language. It can stimulate your senses and ignite your creativity. What is the best music to listen to while working? Music is especially important in a COVID-19 hit world that forces us to work from home. Read on to see how you can focus better at work with music.

Tips On Best Music To Listen To While Working

Surely, you would want to increase productivity while at work. Here are some tips on the kind of music to choose for your work playlist.

Choose the enjoyable but not too familiar

If the playlist is too familiar, you may get distracted from your task. Therefore, your work music should be enjoyable but not too familiar. 

Avoid music with lyrics

Actually, music with lyrics and pop songs can end up distracting you. This is because you may tend to focus on the message and words of the songs. More so, this can affect your reading comprehension and information processing skills. For example, you may want to sing or dance to the rhythm rather than work.

As such, when you do cognitive work like writing a report, you could go for instrumental music.

Use upbeat music for repetitive tasks

However, if your task is repetitive – like data entry work, you can use upbeat music with lyrics to keep alert. On the other hand, transition music or non-instrumental music can help you move from one category of tasks to another. For instance, you can transition to feel-good songs if you have a big presentation or interview.

Choose ’not too dry’ and ‘not too heavy’ music

Similarly, depending on how easily bored you tend to be, highly complex structures of music can weigh your brain down. In other words, you may want to go for music that is neither too dry nor too heavy like death metal.

Best Music to Listen to While Working

Here are various categories of music for your playlist while working.

Classical music

Classical music has been found to improve concentration.  Consequently, you can improve your efficiency with it. In fact, a theory called the ‘Mozart effect,’ describes classical music as the catalyst to enhancing brain activity and improving spatial reasoning skills.

So what are you waiting for? Turn on the Bach, Beethoven, or Brahms to get back to that work.

Instrumental Songs


Again, sedative music has been found to improve acute reasoning more than lyrical or music. As such, if you are doing accounting work, you may put on some light café jazz. Other instrumental options for your work range from classical to hip-hop to ambient sounds.

Try instrumental movie scores

Interestingly, you could listen to a fun category of instrumental music called film scores. For instance, you could type away as you listen to tunes from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Besides, such music can help you focus.

Listen to Nature Sounds


Furthermore, when you listen to natural sounds, studies show that you can enhance cognitive functioning. More so, you optimize your concentration and increase your level of satisfaction.

In other words, nature-themed playlists such as waves crashing, streams trickling, and birds chirping can help you relax or focus.

Play empowering music

Interestingly, pump up songs such 50 Cent’s “In Da Club,” Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” and 2 Unlimited’s “Get Ready for This” can make you feel more powerful or in control.

It is similar to the way professional athletes sometimes play empowering music before they go to the field. When you want to feel determined or empowered, you can try playing some pump up songs.

Play “Feel Good” Songs

Yes, we have felt like that at times – a swamped-up feeling perhaps from too much work. A fine dose of “feel good” tunes can get you right back up. Did you know that music can stimulate pleasure centres of the brain just like food? You feel better when you listen to your preferred playlist.


Perhaps, you have some deadlines. Or, you simply need to focus more or get motivated. Surely, there are good songs that can improve your productivity at work. So, get right on it. Play some of your best music to listen to while working.

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