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Every profit-making business seeks opportunities to interface with its customers. Such interaction has to be optimal. Now, eCommerce is a booming platform for such interaction. In order to get a more significant slice of your market, you cannot ignore certain eCommerce automation technologies you should know.

This write-up will consider some of these technologies.

What is eСommerce Automation?


eCommerce automation is a process that businesses implement to streamline repetitive tasks and processes using software, apps, or tech. in other words, you first identify processes that can be automated and then apply the workflow automation process to it.

For example, you could automate processes such as order management, inventory management, and supply management.

 Usually, an eCommerce automation has three basic components. First, there is a trigger event that starts the automation. Second, there is a condition that defines the tasks for the automation. Finally, there is a culminating result that performs the desired action.

Why should you use eCommerce automation technologies?

Since your business is likely to have numerous processes in its operation, it can surely benefit from eCommerce automation technologies. There are some of its benefits.


Many eCommerce tasks can be time-consuming if a human does them. For instance, the process of order management can require a lot of data entry. More so, you may need to print shipping labels. Automation software can easily handle these processes.

Improved data and task accuracy

As you run your eCommerce business, tons of data are generated. For example, you generate customer information, order details and stock numbers. Surely, your business needs to have a stored record of these data. Furthermore, it needs to be done without errors. Ecommerce automation gets to be the answer.


In addition, imagine the time and effort you save with eCommerce automation. Ultimately, you free up your staff to do other important tasks that need intelligence and personal attention.

Types of Automation in eCommerce

So, where are the areas where you can apply automation technology in eCommerce? Basically, the types of automation in eCommerce include the following:

Workflow automation: some common applications of workflow automation in eCommerce include Checkout automation, Product catalog automation, Sales automation, Sales opportunity automation, Other applications are in Returns automation, and Inventory management automation.

eCommerce automation Technologies You should know

so, when you get right down to it, the following are the areas where eCommerce automation technologies are applied and examples of technologies used.

Online advertising

The process of getting quick results is made so much easier with online advertising. You can use search ads, display ads, video ads, and other types of ads that link back to your eCommerce site using these technologies.

Examples of automation technologies and analytical tools used in online advertising include creatocopy, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.

Email marketing automation


In addition, you can complement your eCommerce client order management workflow automation with email marketing automation. For instance, you can send welcome, cart abandonment, promotional, feedback, and lead nurturing emails.

Tools you can use for email marketing include Mailchimp, BenchmarkONE, Intercom, and Campaign Monitor

Loyalty Programs Automation

Surely, you would want to retain your customers. One key to doing this is running loyalty programs. Interestingly, automated loyalty programs help you keep track of your loyalty points and manage the process of rewarding your customers.

Again, tools you can use for loyalty program automation include Yotpo, Open Loyalty, and ReferralCandy.

Social media posts Automation

Similarly, your eCommerce automation is not complete if you do not include some form of social media posts automation. Such technologies help you schedule, manage, and analyse your posts on social media. For example, you can use HootSuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social effectively.

Customer service Automation

Likewise, your eCommerce automation is more effective with the use of customer service automation. They can help you provide fast answers and needed help to your customers. Furthermore, technologies you can use include Zendesk, HubSpot Service Hub, and Freshdesk

Supply and inventory automation technologies


Moreover, you need to keep track of your stock and your supplies. Essentially, your worries are eased when you use technologies for automating supply orders and inventory such as Salesforce, SkuVault, and Cin7.


Overall, implementing eCommerce automation technologies does not mean you are making your staff redundant. Rather, being aware of eCommerce technologies you should know and using them effectively makes you reduce mistakes that make you lose customers. More so, your customers are satisfied and you end up boosting your bottom line.

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