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Sometimes, what you need is not high excitement or thrills. Rather, you simply want to relax and avoid stress. Thankfully, there are great video games to help you relax. You can go at your own pace and the visuals and soundtracks are a calm treat to the ears. Their storylines also let your mind explore and wander.

Here is a compilation of some great video games out there to help you relax.


Although this game was released in 2012, it is still popular. This game lets you assume the role of a human-like creature. Your quest is to reach the top of a mysterious mountain. Remarkably, the online multiplayer mode only lets you interact with players using squeaks.  Also, you can help them charge their scarves.

Besides, since you can beat the game within a few hours, it can be your perfect game for a relaxing break.



You may already know this game. It is loved by players of all ages. This simulation game lets you explore an infinite world. More so, you can collect materials and build with them.

Interestingly, you can choose your mode and thereby make the game less relaxing. Moreover, some game modes focus more on survival. Others let you compete against other players.

Stardew Valley

While at your relaxation, why not go green? …almost literally? Stardew Valley is a game that simulates farming. Inspired by Harvest moon games in 2016, the game has also extended beyond PCs to PS4, Xbox One, iOs, Android, PS Vita, and Linux.

So, get farming. Take care of animals, mine, and fish. Also, form alliances with the villagers. Furthermore, you can make the game more exciting by choosing a different play style.


What about a trip to outer space? With astroneer, you get a sandbox adventure game where you control an astronaut and colonize planets. Although there are no set goals or even a storyline, you take on unique challenges for each planet. Go get the game on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

Interestingly, this game won awards for Best Visual Design, Best Game Design, Best Art Direction, and Best User Experience at the 2019 Webby Awards.

No Man’s Sky

If you want variety, you can try out No Man’s Sky. You can choose playstyles from trading, survival, exploration, and/or combat. In addition, you can choose different levels of relaxation modes. The game is virtually endless so you can just log in as many hours as you want.

Great video games can help you relax

Remember, it is not always about killing zombies or racing cars. You can also get great entertainment value for great video games to help you relax. Besides, some of them are philosophical, intellectual, or have varying degrees of stimulation. There are several other great relaxing video games like Slime Rancher, flower, Firewatch, and The Stanley Parable. With all of them, one thing is certain. There’s no rush, no stress, and you can relax.

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