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Are you trying to figure out if your can leverage TikTok for your business growth? Well, it might interest you to know that TikTok is currently the fastest growing social media platform in the world. It boasts a record of more than 100 million active users in the United States alone.

What does TikTok do? Simple!
It afford users with the opportunity to publish easy-to-produce videos of up to 60 seconds in length. The TikTok platform values relevant, relatable, and diverse information, where content over followers pushes more views. It also attracts a younger audience. With the age range of its user being 18-34, although 25% of TikTok users averaging age 45-64.

How TikTok Growth Skyrocketed

In June 2020, the company introduced a self service advertising platform to that similar with Google and Facebook. This transition was a major turning point for small businesses owners. It allowed them to apply TikTok marketing strategies to their social media campaigns.

Hence, with Tiktok, you can bridge creativity and storytelling to do advertisement. Which can lead to new avenues of business success. However, the trick to using TikTok for both marketing and advertising, is to create captivating and high-quality content.

How To Leverage Tiktok for Advertising

Creative content is key!

This may sound shocking. But the fact is – TikTok’s algorithms prioritize content quality over user’s following.

Leveraging great content on TikTok is a major determining factor to your Tiktok business growth marketing success or failure.
Let’s simply say – the success you can enjoy in enforcing business growth through Tiktok, is based on the quality of content rather than brand popularity, high-end production or celebrity status.

For this reason, being authentic even if you are not perfect is very welcome on the Tiktok platform.

Pro-Tips On Leveraging TikTok for Your Small Business

With TikTok you can easily turn your assets into engaging video ads even with little editing skills.
To get this done, leverage these 8 pro tips:

1) Video: Keep them short, focused, and compelling.

2) Sound: Design your videos for sound on.

3) Sync: Make your videos with a similar look and feel that show a Do-It-Yourself style of production.

4) Define your pixel rules.

5) For conversion campaigns, do your optimization based on higher funnel events. For example, ”Page Views” or “Add to Cart.”

6) Optimize your bid as your target cost per action. Then set your daily budget at least 20 times your conversion bid. For instance, if your target cost per conversion(the amount you are willing to pay for key conversion activity) is $2, optimize your daily budget to $40.

7) Start with broad targeting

8) Leverage TikTok’s creative tools to easily set up and test new ads.

Powerful Tools To Leverage Tiktok For Business Growth

  • Video Templates: With over 60 video templates available, all you need do is template selection. Then upload your creative assets, logo and text. Afterwards, this tool turn your assets into a video with effects, music, and transitions. No video editing skills required.
  • Smart Video: Smart Video tool is powered by TikTok’s AI technology. This tool allows you to alter the version of your video. By a simple use of different music, effects, and filters.
  • Automated Creative Optimization (ACO): ACO is arguably TikTok’s most powerful tool. It takes already uploaded content to the platform, allow you to select your call-to-action, and then multiplies your creative assets. This way, you get to create variety of ads.
Final Thoughts

TikTok provides an excellent vehicle small business can leverage on for business growth. You can absolutely use Tiktok to run a successful marketing and advertising campaign.

But to do this successfully, creative content is key! The most essential and effective tips as well as tools have been detailed in this article. Do your own analysis to decide the one you need, and use them!

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