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Facebook and Microsoft are not the only ones actively interested in the Metaverse. Currently, it is gaining momentum and practical uses for it are being explored worldwide. Consequently, you would be right to wonder how the Metaverse can affect your future. Read on to explore the practical impact it can have on you and the associated developments.

What Is The Metaverse?

As Mark Zuckerberg described it in his keynote speech, our communication has migrated from voice, text, and pictures to video. Furthermore, we have moved from desktops to the internet, and on to phones. Subsequently, the natural migration is towards a mobile or ‘embodied internet.’

Thus, you can share information, experiences such as meetings and games, and other kinds of interaction. More so, you will do all of these with a sense of presence. Essentially, this concept goes beyond technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G. Rather, it would be a mix that makes a whole that is greater than a sum of its parts.

So, what is the Metaverse? Basically, it is a virtual reality that enables people to interact with each other and the Metaverse itself. Furthermore, the Metaverse places the user right in the middle of all the actions. The end result is a stronger and more realistic experience.

Recent Developments in the Metaverse


First, Facebook rebranded its company as Meta. Having previously acquired Oculus, it is no surprise that Facebook is making inroads into the world of AR and VR. Interestingly, this next step is built not just in users interacting with the virtual environment as is currently found with AR and VR, but they will also be interacting with other users.

Second, Microsoft recently announced its Mesh for Microsoft Teams. Essentially, the popular video collaboration tool will incorporate quasi-metaverse capabilities. For instance, webcam images will be replaced with animated avatars. Furthermore, AI comes in to use the user’s voice to animate their avatar as needed. More so, you will be able to switch to 3D meetings. Can you imagine how this will affect remote work for you?

Third, Nvidia is not left out. The graphics card giant has set up Nvidia Omniverse. Imagine a platform that connects 3D worlds into a shared virtual universe. More so, this universe is based on a shared platform that is persistent and consistent between sessions.

With the Omniverse, designers, robotics engineers, and other professionals can simulate a VR version of the real world. For example, Ericsson engineers can simulate 5G waves in urban environments.

Similarly, it is in the rumour mills that Apple seems to be working on a VR headset and AR glasses. Ultimately, the rabbit hole seems to point towards the Metaverse.

How the Metaverse Can Affect Your Future

So, here are a few scenarios depicting how the metaverse can impact your life.

Your job

Clearly, new jobs are likely to be created. This may mean more competition in the job market. After all, the Metaverse will need creators, developers, hardware and software engineers, and so on.

The Metaverse can affect remote work

Besides, the nature of remote work is sure to change not only with the use of Microsoft Mesh but VR headsets generally.

Product creation

Imagine building products within the Metaverse. For instance, you may want to buy a new skin for your avatar. In other words, a whole new creative space for digital products will open up. Does this not mean a whole new digital frontier?

What Can You Do In The Metaverse?

Buy land and properties

Your property would be dedicated to your avatar. You may be able to simply buy or rent plots and property.


You may be able to sell or trade your property to another user. Ultimately, this implies the creation of an economy.


Surely, where there is buying and selling, there would be advertising. Individuals and companies may be able to organize events and engage with the user base.

Interact and live

Is it conceivable that the metaverse would be able to replace reality? Well, at the least, you would be able to relate and interact with those around you.

Sensitive Considerations

Above all, a sensitive question being asked concerns the ultimate impact of the metaverse. In summary, would the metaverse bring about a net benefit or cause net harm to us? What would be the risks for addiction, losing track of time, and the effect on the divide between the real and virtual world? These are important questions for how the metaverse can affect your future. Furthermore, here are two areas you may consider.

Your privacy


Now, this is one area that could be problematic. For sure, new data would be collected on users of VR and the metaverse technology. For instance, biometric data may be needed. Likewise, recordings of unique body movements may be made. What will happen to this data?

Psychological impact

You may consider it a virtual environment but will your mind consider it ‘less real’? The psychological and emotional impact of a VR environment is not yet fully studied. What about the impact of violence in a VR world on young minds?

Wrapping up

Surely, you may identify benefits the Metaverse could offer across several industries such as healthcare, architecture, education, e-commerce, and lots more. Although you may be able to cite some negative possibilities, there is hope that how the metaverse affects your future could hold more promises than fears.

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