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With the New Year come new challenges and opportunities. What are you going to do with them? The sky is your beginning! You can start the New Year with a fresh mind. Here are several tips on how to start the New Year strong.

To start with: Clear up your desk

First, at least in your mind, you should have a reset and get organized. Clear up your work desk and de-clutter. Prioritize your tasks. Perhaps, you can get a project management app to help organize your day.

Take Stock

Second, find out what you should begin, continue, or stop doing. When you take stock or reflect on your current performance, it prepares a fresh ground for planning. Therefore, make a list of current successes. Note current failures so as to avoid them. Also, highlight areas you should improve on.

Start with exciting resolutions


Third, your goals should motivate and excite you. This way, you will have the necessary enthusiasm to do the necessary work. The anticipation of your rewards would spur you on. Such rewards could be in the middle or at the end.

Examples of resolutions could include learning a new job skill, kicking out a bad health habit, mastering a new hobby, or taking on more responsibility.

Outline smart plans

Remember, it is just about having plans. They need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-bound). Consequently, you will find that you are not easily tempted to give up on your goals. After all, your smart plan helps safeguard your New Year resolutions.

Set up an accountability system

 In addition, you should have a reliable support system for accountability. Simply choose a familiar person to support and encourage you. This can be really important when you are discouraged or about to fall off track. And hey! It can work both ways. You support them, they support you.

Be consistent

It’s for the whole year. Do you want to know how to start the New Year strong? Maintain consistency for up to 21 days in your new goals. You will find that it becomes easier after it becomes a habit. As such, be patient and consistent and the whole process becomes easier with time.

Surely, being consistent involves taking a stand against distractions. Research shows that on average, a typical office worker switches tasks or is interrupted every three minutes. Avoid distractions to start the year strong with enhanced productivity.

Be a master of one

Generally, people no longer want a master of all trades. Identify your strong areas and focus on prospects for growth in the New Year. Typically, when you focus on too many areas, you stretch your resources and reduce your ability to perform. On the other hand, when you identify individual growth areas and work on them sequentially, you do better.

Monitor KPIs

Quite importantly, you should have Key Performance Indices (KPIs) that you actively monitor. Throughout the year, monitoring how you are doing helps improve accountability. More so, you can make corrections as the year continues.

Keep communication lines open


Furthermore, keep communicating with all stakeholders. If your goals are business-related, you can use communication platforms like Teams and Slack to keep in sync. Generally, you should set apart a regular time to catch up and connect with relevant people.

Go green

Think inner peace. Going green involves working towards a healthy living and working environment. This can include switching to greener alternatives for your cleaning products. After all, some regular, standard cleaning chemicals do contain hazardous ingredients.

Celebrate the little wins

Your accomplishments whether big or small should be tracked and appreciated. That is to say, you should first break down your goals into smaller short-term goals. Thereafter, document and track them. Your little wins can help you sustain your momentum.

Remember to always give yourself TLC

Finally, throughout the year, remember why you are doing this. Treat yourself to some tender loving care. Do this even when you get off track. Missing one workout does not mean you should give up. You can always get back on track.

Get The Ball Rolling…

Above all, all the planning in the world is useless without taking action. If you are considering how to start the New Year strongly, implement the above tips. Then, take action. Take things one at a time. Do not beat yourself up for missing a step but just get right back on it. When the year ends, you may just look back and smile.

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