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September 1, 2020by Isaac Olawole JOSEPH0

Personal transformation is a deliberate act! You are your own architect and the design of your life is dependent on the mental picture you can foresee. Nobody would fuel your dreams. Your choices determine how sustainable and greenery your life would be. If you are poor, it is your poor choice. If you are rich, it is your rich choice. Every man is a product of his decisions. Below are some ways you can get yourself transformed!

Be Willing to Pay the Price

Personal transformation. Be willing to pay the price

Personal transformation is a pathway to endless opportunities. How much you invest in yourself is a predictor of how much people would be willing to invest in you. Many a man has good intentions but good intentions are not good enough until they are being acted out. Every transformation comes with a price. But not every man is willing to pay such a price.

Be Responsible for Your Actions

Personal transformation. Be responsible for your actions

Transformation could be positive or negative. A man can never be empty. Hence, he is either progressing or retrogressing. Whichever position he chooses to stay, he is his own best adviser. Talking the talk is obviously different from walking the walk! Thus, every man is responsible for his choices. Success is never accidental, it is intentional.

Feed on the Right Content

A man can undergo positive transformation by feeding on the right content. The inner virtues of a man dictate his outward dispositions. There is no explanation for ignorance. It is garbage in, garbage out! For every right input, there is always a corresponding right output and otherwise. You have to be mindful of the kind of information you allow into your mind. The human mind is like a processor that can be ‘corrupted’. You have to be alert.

Stay Optimistic

Personal trasnformation. Stay optimistic

John Maxwell said, “Most people are married mentally to the status quo. They want what was, not what can be”. For every unique transformation, there is a conscious reflective mindset to make things happen. You have to be deliberate about making a change. Real men challenge what is in existence and call into existence what never existed.

Be Disciplined

Personal transformation. Stay disciplined

Personal transformation is sustainable when there is utmost discipline. You have to be conscious of it until it becomes a part of you. Transformation could be lost if a wrong turn is taken. It is possible for a man to be running so fast and comfortably in the wrong direction. It is not enough having a direction to turn to, you must have a destination.

Be Willing to Learn Always

Personal transformation. be willing to learn

Finally, be observant and consciously learn from other peoples’ endeavours. Nothing just happens. Always seek to make amends when you need to. Take heed to instructions as experience might be expensive. Personal transformation is simply re-branding oneself.

Be Intentional!

Isaac Olawole JOSEPH

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