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November 23, 2020by Isaac Olawole JOSEPH0

Many entrepreneurs make a lot of PR mistakes in the process of projecting their businesses. Often times, this lead to loss of revenue and of course, waste of resources. How do I leverage PR to boost the productivity of my business? How do I ensure that I avoid PR mistakes that could affect the launch of my new brand? How can I get the best from PR services? This article details answers to all of these perennial questions.

First, it’s important to know the common PR mistakes most entrepreneurs make;

Sending Unrelated Pitches

PR mistakes

Many small business owners and self-acclaimed PR pros are guilty of this. It is baffling when you see pitches on entertainment sent to a journalist, who specializes in health-related issues. It is important to note that media outlets all have stories that they are interested in projecting. Ensuring your pitch is tailored in line with the interest of the media outlet is core in amplifying your brand. Now, you know why your mails to some of these media outlets have not been replied.

Lack of Data Monitoring and Evaluation

data monitoring

Are you one of those who dole out cash to PR agencies to help with your PR? Do you get regular feedback showing measurable results of your PR activities? Monitoring your PR data is necessary to know what PR strategies are working and what needs to be improved upon. There are a lot of advanced PR measurement tools that can be leveraged to get this information, if you are really interested in the online credibility of your brand/business. Tracking and evaluating your PR activities would definitely boost the productivity of your business.

Wrong Timing

PR mistakes

Do you know there are perfect timings to push your brand out there? You don’t want to make the mistake of investing huge resources in PR for a brand that’s not immediately needed. Most entrepreneurs are not aware of this and many have been exploited as well. It’s important to stay conversant with what’s happening in the industry so as to know the right time to push out one’s brand or pitch. And again, if you are sending pitches to journalists to help in amplifying your brand/business, you need to be really cautious with the timing.

Not Targeting the Right Audience

targeting the wrong audience

Many entrepreneurs have fallen victim of targeting the wrong audience. They probably believe their potential customers are everywhere. This is not true. It’s important to carry out a detailed research about your target audience before starting your PR campaigns. Targeting generic audience won’t do you any good. Being specific about the kind of audience you are targeting would make your campaigns more effective.

Poor Social Media Management

social media

How you manage your social media says a lot about your business. You don’t want to post stuffs that would come back to haunt your business. Over time, we have seen several social media post go wrong. You also do not want to be a victim of social media backlash as a result of your posts. It’s highly important that you stay away from posting offensive and insensitive information. Again, your choice of words and spellings also matters. You have to be pretty sure of your use of grammar before posting anything. Social media don’t forget!

I guess you might be pretty worried of how it’s possible to stay on top of all of these mistakes especially when you are pretty concerned about expanding your business.

You need not worry! Invest in a good PR firm, like Ovacom Media. They will build a perfect and acceptable public image for your brand as they are conversant with all the tricks to help you build and maintain a positive reputation of your brands while also creating strategic relationships with your audience, investors and partners. You can contact them here.

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