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Amidst the pandemic, COVID-19, there has been a bit of relief for viewers of the reality TV show, Big Brother Naija. Before the commencement of this year’s show, there have been huge concerns about the rapidly increasing numbers of people infected with the virus, COVID-19 in Nigeria.

However, in a sharp twist, focus seems to have shifted to the fun and thrills served by the different housemates of the popular reality show. The 2020 edition of the Big Brother Naija, Lockdown, kicked off, with 20 selected housemates on the 19th of July, 2020 and it has been an exciting experience for viewers and organizers all along.

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According to reports, about N2 billion has been invested into the show. This is largely due to the expansion of the capital intensive projects that have been carried out. This is to forestall any form of glitch during the show.

This huge investment suggests a corresponding boost in the Nigerian economy. This is because a whole lot of human resources would benefit greatly from the hosting of the show. And there is going to be a massive multiplier effect on the sectors that will partake in its operations.

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Economic Advantage

For instance, the telecommunication industry was able to garner huge revenue from the previous edition, as over 170 million subscribers voted for their preferred housemates. How much more revenue would be injected into the economy during this lockdown period? Considering the fact that many people have access to watch the reality show, due to the compulsory break.

Again, the labour force needed to host the show includes a lot of technicians, cameramen, DJs and artistes. Or do we talk about those that participated in the setting up of the location? A show of this magnitude would definitely parade huge production crew. They are involved in the day to day running of the show. This automatically translate to economic benefits for everyone involved.

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In the past, the organizer of the reality show, MultiChoice, has always reiterated that 80% of the workforce needed for the running of the show are Nigerians. With the current state of things in the country, the percentage of the workforce should be ‘near’ 100% Nigerians.

Many artisans and skilled workers would also benefit as costumes and other needed household items are contracted out. Furthermore, the reality TV show has been a sort of platform that participants leverage, to boost their careers. Different industries have benefited from the platform over the years.

Despite the effects of the ravaging pandemic, Nigeria is benefitting hugely from the proceeds of the reality show, BBNaija 2020.

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