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Brand storytelling can greatly improve interest and engagement in you and your business. Consequently, brand storytelling emerged from the explosion of content marketing, article writing and brand journalism. Which have all taken a prominent role in today’s marketing mix.

Big Brand’s Know The How

Companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Hp, Nestle, and other big brands around the world, know how to consistently tell their story. As a result, they tell these stories through their visual imaging and content messaging. Which they do over several platforms and media.

These companies employ brand storytelling to sponsor awareness and relationship with their audience. Which gets the audience to connect with their products and values.

Brand Storytelling Is More Than Words

Your brand story is beyond what you say to people. It is rather more about, their believes concerning you. Which of course is based on all the signals you have sent out through your brand.

Your brand story, is a complete picture of facts, feelings and interpretations. Interpretations of what is shared about your business by you, your target audience, your community and the general public.

Business Brand Storytelling Combines Several Key Essential Aspects
  • Who you are
  • What you engage in specifically.
  • How you care, solve problems and add value.
  • How you engage and contribute.
The 5 Elements That Make For Great Brand Storytelling
  • Maintain Simplicity and Make It Easy to Understand

It is best for your brand storytelling to reach the masses, not just your insiders.

For instance, Dove gives us a good example of this. According to statistics, only 4% of women feel good about themselves all around the world.

So what did Dove do? Simple. They decided to do something that would move the rest 96%.

How they they actualize this?

They tried to look for an idea that could actually prove that most women were wrong about their self image.
To achieve this, they set out with several ideas, but “Real Beauty Sketches” really stood out. The ad depicts an FBI forensic artist named Gil Zamora sketching a portrait of women (he can’t see) by the way they describe themselves.

The idea behind it, is that women are too critical of themselves.
To perfectly suit the campaign, Dove came up with the tagline: “YOU are more beautiful than you think!”

  • Make It bring Emotional Connection

An indispensable element to a great brand story is an emotional connection. Hence, you must include characters, humor, personality, joy and even pain in your story. The simple way to best accomplish this is through blogging, article writing, webinars, video, podcasting, and workshops.

  • Tell Your Audience The Truth

Truth is a non replaceable element in a great brand story.
You do believe in your brand right? Well, as long as you believe in it and you are confident of it’s ability to help others, then spread word to everyone. Even more, show  them specific examples of your brand in action. For instance, let them see the product, process and people that make it happen.

  • Employ First Hand, Real Time Examples and Experiences

Show your audience on a first hand level, what you are doing. Then tell them what you do daily. Also talk about people who have stories and experience of similar things you do. Which you of course know they can learn from.

  • Make Your Story Relatable

How To Build Customer Loyalty

One vital element of a great brand storytelling, is to make sure it is relatable to your customers. This way, your story touches people, is authentic, is poignant, it entertains, it lingers and more, inspire people to want to share and pass it on.


Brand storytelling is a powerful tool you can engage for your business. In like manner, it is a personal and effective way to keep you real, original and constantly at the top of mind. It will inspire, educate and ultimately help you sell.

Even more, it can help you build indispensable relationships and loyalty with your customers and community.

In conclusion, you are your brand! Your branding is the first and major thing you do to promote and market yourself.
Does it work? Sure it does! So get on with it.

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